After finishing a degree in Journalism ( 2002) and receiving my Master of Arts in Digital Media at Utrecht School of the Arts (2006) i’ve been working in the creative  industry as a webdeveloper, VJ, media artist and photographer.

After being a part of media art collective Studio Zesbaans, where I worked on a number of installations, interactive projections and more interactive goodness, I started working on a freelance basis. I then spent 6 months working for Random Studio and worked as a freelancer until mid 2014. From which point on I’ve joined forces with Thijs Gadiot as Eerens+Gadiot.

Because of my broad interests and skillset, ranging from (web)development, concepts, (interactive) live visuals and installation art to photography,  I know how to bridge the gap between technology and creativity, between the arts and commerce. I can talk to both developers and designers.


Some techy stuff: I have experience working with:

  • - HTML5/CSS/(SASS / Compass)/JS/(Backbone.js, Ember, Jquery, RequireJS / Grunt/ Gulp / Babel / ES6 / TypeScript)
  • - Flash AS3/AS2/AIR/MVC
  • - PHP/MySQL/Silex/TWIG/Mustache/CodeIgniter/WordPress/ProcessWire
  • - Version Control (SVN / GIT)
  • - Apache/FFMPEG/Wowza
  • - UNIX/Linux commandline

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